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Hello Piwigo user, here come fresh news about Piwigo.

Piwigo 2.9.1

Here comes Piwigo 2.9.1. This release includes fixes for the bugs discovered by the Piwigo community on 2.9. It also fixes several minor security issues. Thank you very much for reporting bugs and helping us to fix them as efficiently as possible!

Details about Piwigo 2.9.1 Upgrade guide

By the way, 2.9.1 is the first version for which Piwigo 2.9 users will (or already have) received the update notification email directly from their Piwigo. And that's great!

PS: first updates have revealed a small issue with version 2.9.1. If you have a custom $conf['gallery_url'] setting, then take a look at issue #710.

Have a nice update!

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